The Boyle House

The Boyle House (exterior)

The Boyle House (exterior)

In 2015, Eastwood Psychologists moved to a beautiful heritage building, known locally as The Boyle House. The Boyle House was built around 1860, to provide a home for the Boyle family. One of Brampton’s early families, the Boyles operated both a pharmacy and a bookstore. Boyle’s Drug Store is believed to have been one of Brampton’s oldest retail stores. Robert Boyle also served as the minister of St. Paul’s United Church from 1855-1860 and from 1867-1869.

Nowadays, The Boyle House plays an important role in Brampton’s architectural configuration. Situated between St. Paul’s United Church and First Baptist Church, the Boyle House forms part of one of the most appealing streetscape in Brampton, across from Gage Park and Brampton City Hall. The Boyle House was designated as a heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1995.

The Boyle House displays architectural features characteristic of the French Second Empire style. This was the first true style of the Victorian era in North America. The French Second Empire style was rare in Brampton and therein lies the Boyle’s House uniqueness. The original structure was erected using materials available at the time, such as red clay brick. The stucco cladding, as we can see it today, was added in the early 1950s.

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