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New Understanding and Possibilities through Compassionate Care

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When you come to our office, you can expect:

  • to be heard, respected and valued,
  • sensitivity toward persons from all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, & family compositions,
  • to work towards clear goals that we develop together,
  • to be actively involved in your child’s treatment,
  • to have your progress carefully monitored.


Looking For Psychological Services?

  • Are you depressed or anxious?
  • Do your relationships feel unsatisfying or stressful?
  • Do you want help achieving your personal goals or preparing for life changes?
  • Do your child’s difficult behaviours or moods persist despite your best efforts?
  • Do you wonder if your teen’s behaviour and moods are not just normal ups and downs?

We can help. Contact us today at 905-463-2069 or info@eastwoodpsychologists.com


Dr. John Eastwood


Anjani Goral, MA


Kirsty Hopley, BCaBA

Behaviour Therapist

Kimberley Lynn, MA

Psychological Associate (supervised practice)

Jenna Would, MEd

Psychological Associate

Dr. Juliana Yoo


Liliana Naghiu

Office Manager

Dr. Katherine Wincentak

Psychologist (Supervised Practice)